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Why Learn a new language ? Tips for learning a language Perhaps you have thought to yourself, is learning a new language really a good time investment? Is it worth the mental effort? I’d like to explain that it is simply not an option in today’s world. Its also one of the most fulfilling things somebody can do is learn another language. Here’s my reason why you have to get started today. Travel - Few memories compare to traveling a new country, and if you want great stores, you will want to visit some non English speaking countries. Learning languages such as spanish allows people to travel South America, probably one of the most exciting destinations out there. Mandarin of course gives the possibility to see and experience China. If you travel to a new place, you want to speak to the locals right? classroom of students Career - The world is an increasingly international place, to be taken seriously you will need more than just English to communicate. If you have just graduated from university, taking on Spanish classes and putting a second language on your CV will give you the edge over the competition. Brain improvement - the challenge of a new language has been shown to improve brain function in many ways. Bilingua children do much better in school academically, but also gives people more options when they grow up. Much much more! There are plenty of online resources for learning spanish, but often being in a school environment can have the most positive effect. Fun! Yes, thats right. Learning a language is fun. I’m not saying its without is difficulties, frustrations and even embarrassments. Nobody like to outside their comfort zone. The satifisfation of making progress in a new language is really hard to compare. Walking into a shop in Spain and asking for something with cofindence and clarity is a great feeling. So whats stopping you? Its never to late to start studying, age is no limitation. Imagine, just half an hour study a day and you gain a valuable skill in your life. – IPED language school. Center for Applied Linguistics Has many resources to back this up. IPED language school in Heredia take a unqie approach to learning Spanish. It’s complete language immersion in the Hereida, one the cultural hot spots of Costa Rica. Look at their Facebook page here, so see the wide range of activies that go in there. Also, the owers of the school are always giving tips on how to pick up the language faster on their Twitter. Find more infomation about IPED language school here. For an impartial review of how the language academy operates.

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